`Painting is an act of facing the world. Sometimes I`m ashamed of the brush strokes of my emotions, but my eyes move with what I think. When I look at the blue sea and the open sky, my heart seems to be open as if I were full of excitement rather than familiarity, and all of the free emotions in the world seem to envelop me. May you imagine a bright and clear landscape as if you were erasing the air of a city full of dust, and may you imagine and find the color of the city hidden within a black-and-white landscape…”

  • 세종 대학교 대학원 회화과 서양화과 졸업
  • 대구 예술대학교 서양화과 졸업
  • 서울옥션, 서울옥션, 서울
  • K옥션, K옥션, 서울
  • 처음엔 그냥 걸었어, 갤러리자인제노, 서울
  • 시선 집중展, DGB Gallery, 대구
  • 사랑나눔경매, K옥션, 서울
  • 2021 <시-선 초대전>, 갤러리 밀레플러스, 제주
  • 2021 <이근택 초대전>, 올미 아트스 페이스, 서울
  • 2019 <The trip展>, KBS 시청자 갤러리, 서울
  • 2018 <"Healing" 이근택 초대전>, 갤러리 아트리에, 경기
  • 2017 <The trip展>, 가나아트스페이스, 서울
  • 2016 <이근택 초대전 시선-바라보기>, 갤러리자인제노, 서울
  • 2015 <이근택 초대전>, 갤러리 일호, 서울
  • 2014​ <"시선-바라보기" 이근택 초대전>,갤러리M, 서울
  • Bachelors of Western Painting, Daegu National University of Arts
  • Masters in Western Painting, Sejong University Graduate School
  • 2021 Seoul Auction, Seoul
  • 2021 K Auction, Seoul
  • 2020 "At first, I just walked", Gallery Jaino, Seoul
  • 2020 Gallery Sun Opening Celebration, Gallery Sun
  • 2020 Daegu Love Share Auction, DGB Gallery, Daegu
  • 2021 Shi-Sun Invitation Exhibition,Gallery Millet Plus, Jeju Lee Geuntaek Exhibition, All Me Art Space, Seoul
  • 2019 The Trip, KBS Audience Gallery, Seoul
  • 2018 "Healing" Geun Taek Lee first exhibition, Gallery Artrie, Gyeonggi 2017 The Trip, Gana Art Center, Seoul
  • 2016 Lee Geun-taek Invitation Exhibition Staring-Looking, Gallery Jaino, Seoul 2015 Lee Geun-taek Invitation
  • Exhibition, Gallery Ilho, Seoul
  • 2014 Lee Geuntaek's Viewpoint, Gallery M, Seoul
  • 2013 Baegun Gallery Invitation View-Looking, Baekwoon Gallery, Seoul
  • Poetry-Sun Lee Geun-taek Solo Exhibition, Gallery Rize, Seoul
  • Opening Invitation Exhibition, Gongam Gallery, Seoul
  • 2011 Art & Company Invitation Exhibition, Shinhan PB Center, Seoul/Yeoksam-dong
  • 2010 Lee Geuntaek Invitation Exhibition, Sabini Gallery, Gyeonggi
  • 2009 氣韻生動... Lee Geuntaek Invitation Exhibition, Gallery Face Mobin, Seoul Invitation Exhibition "Temptation of
  • Line", Jain JENO Gallery, Seoul "Temptation of Line", Gally Hosi, Tokyo / Japan