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What is Layer 2 <Stay Pending> solution?

NvirWorld NFT Marketplace is using a Layer 2 <Stay Pending - Hybrid Decentralization System> solution but you may wonder what this is all about so we prepare for you a quick introduction.

You first need to know that Ethereum was the first blockchain ever built that allowed for NFTs. Victim of its own success, it has challenges processing efficiently the number of transactions that it sees every day. Eventually, this causes the fees to go up and speed to go down.

That is when Layer 2 solution makes its entrance.

Layer 2 is a solution mainly being built on the Ethereum blockchain, it helps to lower the transaction costs you are charged, meaning lower gas fees, as well as to reduces traffic on the main network which ultimately reduce the speeds of how long the transaction takes.

But we didn’t stop there!

NvirWorld is now introducing Layer 2 <Stay Pending - Hybrid Decentralization System>.

“Hybrid decentralization system” is a technology that brings only the advantages of centralized and decentralized services.
The "Hybrid Decentralization System" takes a step further from Layer 2 to improve gas fees and processing speed even more. The drastic decrease in gas fees has been made possible through a technology called "Stay Pending”. In some cases, gas costs may not be incurred at all.

Don’t waste another minute and start creating NFTs on NvirWorld to enjoy lower than ever gas costs.