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How to transfer ETH to my NvirWorld Wallet?

Before buying or placing a bid on an NFT, you need to have the necessary ETH balance in your NvirWorld Wallet.
The same goes when you want to put an NFT on Sales because you will need to pay for the minting fees.
The minimum balance in your NvirWorld Wallet to proceed with an NFT sale is 0.02ETH.

One-Time Wallet Fee: Before enjoying all the benefits of NvirWorld, a one-time wallet service fee will be withdrawn from all users’ accounts upon their first deposit.
This fee isn’t paid to NvirWorld but is needed to support various external wallet services such as MetaMask for your convenience at a reasonable price.

Now we will explain how to transfer ETH from your Metamask Wallet to your NvirWorld Wallet.

Once you login to NvirWorld, go over the profile icon next to the wallet icon, and then click on Profile.

Select the Wallet tab.
You will be taken to the Deposit tab.

Click on the copy icon to copy your NvirWorld Wallet.

Now open your MetaMask extension in the right-left of your browser.
Select Send.

Paste your NvirWorld wallet address and enter the amount you want to transfer, then click Next.

Review the transaction details and confirm.
A Metamask notification will appear, congrats you have transferred ETH to your NvirWorld Wallet.